After launching the crossover versions, Toyota has launched the all-new Crown Sedan

Last year, Toyota officially launched a crossover variant of the all-new Crown. While it has the familiar look and shape of a coupe-like sedan, the new Crown crossover has a taller ride height and large alloy wheels.

Then in October of this year, Toyota revealed yet another crossover version of the Crown, the Sport Z. It now takes on the form of a sporty crossover SUV that looks inspired by the Ferrari Purosangue thanks to its distinct design.

Fresh & Classy: 2024 Toyota Crown Sedan revealed image

Fast forward to the present day, Toyota has once again revealed a new body style for the next-generation Crown. This time, however, the automaker has launched the traditional sedan version, and boy do we like what we're seeing.

Borrowing inspiration from the Mirai, the all-new Crown sedan gets a fastback-like body which gives the luxury vehicle a more stylish appearance. The sleeker design also highlights the Crown's rear-wheel drive (RWD) layout and its long wheelbase which maximizes cabin space for the rear passengers. Lastly, the new Crown sedan comes with massive alloy wheels, a trapezoidal grille with vertical inserts, and thin LED taillights.

Fresh & Classy: 2024 Toyota Crown Sedan revealed image

Open the doors and the all-new Crown sedan gets the same interior design as the Crown crossover and the Crown Sport Z revealed earlier this year. It features the “Island Architecture” that features a unique center console, a wide touchscreen media system, and a digital instrument cluster. There's also a wood grain panel extending in a continuous line from the instrument panel all the way to the doors on either side.

For extra eye candy, LEDs supporting 64-tone color switching are positioned at both ends of the instrument panel, in the leg space of the front seats, and on the sides of the rear door trims. This provides the interior with a warm lantern-like glow in the cabin. As mentioned earlier, the vehicle has a generous wheelbase that spans 3 meters which delivers more than enough legroom for the rear passengers. In addition, those seated in the rear are treated to power sunshades and charging ports to recharge their devices while on the go.

Fresh & Classy: 2024 Toyota Crown Sedan revealed image

When it comes to its powertrain, there will be two choices available. First is a high-performance FCEV system that runs on hydrogen. It's the same FCEV system that is being used in the Mirai and is equipped with three hydrogen tanks and fuel cells. On a full tank, Toyota claims the Crown FCEV can drive up to 820 km per three-minute hydrogen refill.

The other available powertrain is a newly developed 2.5-liter multi-stage hybrid system. It consists of a four-cylinder engine that's assisted by two electric motors combined with stepped gears. This allows for a more powerful delivery of torque that supports acceleration from all speed ranges.

Fresh & Classy: 2024 Toyota Crown Sedan revealed image

Do you like the all-new Crown sedan? And will the sedan version outsell the crossover version released earlier? Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.