The Lexus RZ will have a big brother

Last year, Lexus announced it will transform into an EV brand by 2035 and revealed seven upcoming electric vehicles. At the time, only a few photos were shown, and little to no details were revealed about the vehicles. Most of the attention was also on the electric RZ crossover.

However, the RZ won’t be the only electric Lexus crossover coming soon. The automaker has recently published additional photos of an even larger battery-electric SUV. It’s called the Lexus Electrified SUV, and it is the model we’re most interested in.


The Lexus Electrified SUV shares a similar design to the RZ but commands more presence due to its size. At the time, we only saw photos of the SUV’s front end. But now, Lexus has revealed images of the SUV’s rear and side profile. Unfortunately, the automaker did not disclose new details about the powertrain or when we’ll see a production model arrive.

It’s hard to tell how big the SUV is even with the new photos. However, it does look bigger in comparison to the RZ. Styling-wise, the front end looks similar to the RZ as it features a closed-off Spindle Grille and unique LED headlights. However, it’s all different from the A-pillar back. The SUV has a sloping roofline, larger windows, and longer doors. The rear is also unique with creases on the bumper and a full-width taillight bar that extends to the rear fenders.


The design is more aggressive, but Lexus might change a few details before it enters production. As for the powertrain, the Lexus Electrified SUV could use a variation of the platform that underpins the RZ.

Toyota and Lexus plan to offer 30 units of EVs by the end of 2030, an ambitious plan for both brands. To reach their goal, they’ve already started rolling out new EV models with the RZ and the bZ4X. For sure it won’t be long before we see a production version of this Lexus Electrified SUV.