Lexus begins its transformation into an EV brand

Toyota might have been a bit late to the electric vehicle party, but like most automakers, they're going all-in as well. Toyota president Akio Toyoda laid out the plans himself, and these don't leave out the company's luxury brand – Lexus.

If anything, Lexus will make an even bolder step towards electrification. Toyoda said the luxury brand will be all-electric in North America, Europe, and China by 2030 and globally by 2035.

Lexus will only sell electric vehicles by 2035 image

You read that right; Lexus will transform into an EV luxury company in less than 15 years. The newly launched RZ, the company's first dedicated battery-electric crossover, is only the start. In the coming years, more EVs will be joining the brand's lineup, and Toyoda has already revealed the electric concepts that preview the upcoming production models.

Like the Toyota EV concepts, there are no official names for the upcoming Lexus EVs yet. The highlight of the Lexus concepts is the Electrified Sport concept. The automaker says the production model will serve as the brand's new halo model and even be a successor to the legendary LFA. It won't have a screaming Yamaha-tuned V10 engine, though. Instead, it's going to be a zero-emissions EV. Design-wise, it has bold proportions and a low ride height akin to a proper sports car paired with Lexus' new design philosophy.

Lexus will only sell electric vehicles by 2035 image

Aside from the Electrified Sports, there will be new crossovers, sedans, and even a wagon joining the Lexus lineup. Aside from the RZ, one other Lexus EV we can expect is the Electrified SUV. The name has yet to be confirmed but we can expect it to adopt a “Z” at the end. Unlike the electric LFA successor, no details were revealed about this SUV. Compared to RZ, it appears to be bigger and adopts a more aggressive design.

Lexus will only sell electric vehicles by 2035 image

There are no details about the upcoming electric Lexus sedan or the shooting brake/wagon either. However, it looks nothing like the brand's current lineup of sedans. Instead, it adopts a face similar to that of the Electrified Sport, featuring slim headlights and an aggressive center intake. Lexus did not have a shooting brake on display, but you can see its outline in the main image.

Diversifying the Lexus lineup with more EVs will help the company cater to more customers in different regions. With its plan to go all-electric by 2035, expect to see some of these models in production form arrive in the next few years.