Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. has just launched the new 2014 Honda CR-Z compact hybrid hatchback in the country, marking HCPI's entry in the hybrid scene.

The Honda CR-Z, or 'Compact Renaissance Zero', has been the Honda brand's entry into the sport hybrid market since 2010, and can trace its roots to many of the company's sporty hatchbacks, including the CR-X.

“It is my privilege to be able to bring this product to the Philippines. With this product we aim to provide an unparalleled driving experience and rest assured we heard what Filipinos want from Honda. The New Honda has arrived,” said Tatsuya Natsume, president of Honda Cars Philippines, Inc..

The 2014 CR-Z uses a 1.5L i-VTEC motor with Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) to develop a combined 136 PS and 190 Newton meters of torque in the 6-speed manual version, while the CR-Z with the 7-speed CVT makes 135 PS and 171 Newton meters of torque.

The CR-Z is front wheel drive, and features a 3-mode driving system with Econ, Normal and Sport modes, and gets a new Plus Sport (S+) button to provide an extra boost of acceleration for easy overtaking.

The 2014 Honda CR-Z is available in 3 grades: Standard, or with either the Modulo package or the Mugen package.

2014 Honda CR-Z 6-M/T - Php 1,390,000

2014 Honda CR-Z 7-CVT - Php 1,480,000

2014 Honda CR-Z Modulo 6-M/T - Php 1,470,000

2014 Honda CR-Z Modulo 7-CVT - Php 1,560,000

2014 Honda CR-Z Mugen 6-M/T - Php 1,860,000

2014 Honda CR-Z Mugen 7-CVT - Php 1,950,000