The Odyssey is no longer listed in Honda PH website

If you happen to be in the market for a minivan, there aren’t a lot of choices available in the Philippines. Now, it seems the choices are even fewer after one of them suddenly disappeared from the brand’s current lineup – the Honda Odyssey.

Upon checking the Honda Cars Philippines website, we noticed that the Odyssey is no longer included in the brand’s current lineup of vehicles. This made us wonder whether the automaker dropped the minivan entirely. While it wasn’t a hot-selling vehicle, the Odyssey has been a staple in the company’s local lineup since 2012.

There are two reasons we could think of as to why the model is no longer listed. The first is that Honda could be preparing to launch the facelifted version of the Odyssey soon. The company did introduce an updated model in 2020 featuring a sportier appearance, and its local debut could be held very soon.

The other possibility is that the minivan has been simply dropped entirely. A few weeks back, we reported on the closure of Honda’s Sayama Automobile plant. The facility produces the Odyssey along with the Step WGN and the Legend. The report said that Honda has stopped vehicle production at the Sayama Plant last December, and a “line-off” ceremony was even held at the facility to mark the occasion. The move to stop production supposedly stems from the automaker’s plan to sell only zero-emissions vehicles by 2040.

Should that be the case, it could be goodbye for the current-generation Odyssey, and the updated model might not be arriving anymore. However, there is another way for the Odyssey to continue here in the Philippines. The US still makes the minivan and is a different model from the one sold in Japan. Honda previously sourced the Odyssey from the US as well before switching to the Asian version in 2015.

Hopefully, Honda finds a way for the Odyssey to live on in the Philippines. Fans of the model will certainly miss it.