Could one of them be the all-electric NSX?

It's no secret that we are facing an era where automobiles are transitioning from being combustion-powered to becoming fully electric. With that said, car manufacturers are already revealing their plans to introduce numerous electric vehicle (EV) models for this decade. The latest one to do so is Honda.

The Japanese manufacturer is planning to launch a total of 30 EV models globally by 2030, covering the whole Honda model lineup. And yes, that includes EV sports models. You read that right. Models.

Honda to launch 30 EVs, including two sports cars image

True to its passion for offering a fun driving experience for its customers, Honda, in its era of electrification, will introduce what they call a “specialty” model and a “flagship” model. To give a sneak preview of what they would look like, the Japanese manufacturer released teaser images of these upcoming sports cars.

Honda to launch 30 EVs, including two sports cars image

From the looks of it, the “specialty” EV on top has the proportions of a front-engine (sorry, electric motor), rear-wheel-drive grand tourer, which somehow reminds us of the Honda HSV-010 race car used in Super GT.

Honda to launch 30 EVs, including two sports cars image

For the “flagship” model, however, the mid-engined, low-slung silhouette shows that the upcoming EV would likely be the all-electric successor to the NSX supercar. Not much information was disclosed, but the Japanese manufacturer said these two sports models “will embody Honda's universal sports mindset and distinctive characteristics”.

Honda is the latest Japanese manufacturer that promises to offer dedicated sports cars as we enter the electric age. Toyota has already previewed a lightweight two-seater and an all-electric Lexus LFA successor, while Subaru had the E-RA concept shown in the Tokyo Auto Salon.

Despite going into a new way of propulsion, the JDM sports car battle we all loved, shall live on.