Lamborghini celebrates Urus SUV's 4th anniversary

When Lamborghini announced in January 2020 that the Urus is now their best-selling model, we weren't entirely surprised by it. Given the popularity of crossovers and SUVs, Lamborghini had the right idea to make a super SUV in the form of the Urus.

Come July 2020, the House of The Raging Bull announced it has built its 10,000th Urus – further cementing its reputation as the brand's most popular vehicle to date.

Lamborghini has sold 16,000 Urus SUVs image

Fast forward to December 2021, and Lamborghini is now celebrating the 4th anniversary of the Urus' debut in a big way. According to the sports car maker, from 2018 to the end of 2021, a total of 16,000 Urus SUVs have been delivered worldwide. This is the best result ever for a Lamborghini vehicle over a four-year period.

Thanks to the Urus, sales, turnover, and profitability reached unprecedented levels in the brand's history. Turnover went up year-on-year, with 40% growth from EUR 1.009 million to EUR 1.415 million in 2018, the year sales of the Urus began. It then reached a peak of EUR 1.81 billion in 2019 and EUR 1.61 billion in 2020: the year record of profitability for the company.

Lamborghini has sold 16,000 Urus SUVs image

The overall growth in sales is even more exceptional according to Lamborghini. In 2019, it reached a record of 8,205 units delivered to clients (+43%), double the volumes achieved in the period before the arrival of the Urus.

Lamborghini has sold 16,000 Urus SUVs image

With the Urus proving to be Lamborghini's cash cow, it's no wonder they're already preparing to reveal facelifted version soon. The only question now is, when will Lamborghini reveal it to the world?