These following LTO centers are not yet open to the public

If you’re thinking of visiting the Land Transportation Central Office today, better reschedule that for another time.

After temporarily stopping operations last Friday due to a spike of active cases in Metro Manila, the LTO announced that the Central Office will continue to remain closed. This is due to the high number of employees that became infected by the virus.

Aside from LTO Central Office, the agency also announced that the following offices will not be open as well. These include;


-LTO Diliman District Office

-Quezon City Licensing Office (QCLC)

-Quezon City Licensing Renewal Office (QCLRC)

-North Motor Vehicle Inspection Center (NMVIC)

-Public Utility Vehicle Registration Center (PUVRC)

With the following offices closed, the government agency said that they will be conducting thorough disinfection in all of the closed offices and renewal centers. This is to ensure that both customers and employees are safe once they reopen to the public.

LTO Central Office remains closed to the public image

But what if you need to renew your driver’s license since it’s due to expire this January? Not to worry as the LTO extended the validity of student permits, driver’s licenses, and conductor’s licenses for 2 months.

Those with licenses and permits that will expire this month can use it until March 31, 2022. Meanwhile, permits and licenses that are due to expire in February will still be valid until April 30, 2022. Last but not least, those that will expire in March 2022 can still use their licenses or permits until May 31, 2022.

Aside from licenses, the validity of medical certificates that are set to expire in January, February, and March have been extended as well.

As the number of active cases continues to rise, perhaps it would be best to stay at home for the time being. The last thing anyone wants right now is to get infected amid the ongoing surge.