LTO eyes RSICs in regional offices

Soon, young individuals from other regions in the country will have a fun time getting educated about road safety through interactive games and informative media.

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) is looking at increasing the number of road safety interactive hubs and they're planning to put these up in various LTO regional offices in the country.

LTO looking to add more Road Safety Interactive Centers image

The recently opened LTO Road Safety Interactive Center in the East Avenue Central Office aims to educate the youth on how to be responsible road users. And during our visit, we learned from a reliable source that the Quezon City hub serves as the benchmark for future interactive centers to follow.

While the agency did not disclose further information as to where and when would these additional interactive centers would be built, this is still a welcome move especially since there has been slow progress in the advocacy of several lawmakers and agencies to add road safety education to the elementary curriculum.

LTO looking to add more Road Safety Interactive Centers image

In a way, the road safety interactive center makes road safety awareness a fun learning experience. There are driving simulators for both cars and motorcycles, as well as interactive games about road signs, warnings, and regulatory signages. In addition, one of the main attractions of the road safety center is a 4D mini theater that's designed to educate young individuals about child safety, teen driving, pedestrian safety, vehicle theft prevention, and types of public utility vehicles.

The interactive center was designed to target the group of young individuals who have just reached the age of curiosity, which could certainly boost its effectiveness. Not to mention, the LTO doesn't need to wait for a law to be passed to bring road safety education to the youth.

Now that we may see more of these in the coming years, we certainly hope it means we'll have more responsible drivers behind the wheel in the future.