Makati City has agreed to not confiscate driver's licenses of traffic violators

Earlier this week, reported that motorists who committed traffic violations will no longer have their driver's licenses confiscated (for now at least).

This was made possible after the Metro Manila Council and the Department of Interior & Local Government (DILG) met and agreed on the decision. As a result, all 17 Mayors of Metro Manila agreed to impose a moratorium on the confiscation of driver's licenses.

While this is all well and good, does this also mean the City of Makati has also agreed to the DILG's decision? Remember, the country's business capital is known for having its own stricter number coding system that doesn't follow the window hours of the MMDA's Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program (UVVRP).

Fortunately, motorists driving in Makati can rest easy that they will no longer have to fear getting their driver's license by the city's traffic enforcers.

According to a memo by the City of Government of Makati, effective December 13, 2022, any motorist that commits a traffic offense, a traffic enforcer will issue an Ordinance Violation Receipt (OVR) without confiscating the violator's driver's license.

With the city's MAPSA enforcers no longer allowed to confiscate driver's licenses, the only thing motorists will have to worry about when they commit a traffic violation is paying the fine as soon as possible. Just keep in mind that any motorist who has been given an OVR will have five days to pay the corresponding penalty. Failure to pay the fine within the set time and the City of Makati will file a formal complaint to the erring driver for court litigation.