Mitsubishi unveils the K-EV Concept X Style concept ahead of 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon

Back in September 2021, Mitsubishi and Nissan announced they will be launching an all-new mini EV in 2022. To be built under the 50:50 joint venture called NMKV, the mini EV will combine lightweight construction, powerful acceleration, and a quiet ride.

There were very little updates with regards to the mini EV since then. However, Mitsubishi just recently released a concept version of the upcoming tiny electric vehicle. This is the K-EV Concept X Style, and it’s a preview of things to come from the automaker.

Billed by the company as a “new-generation all-electric kei car with Mitsubishi Motors-ness”, it combines the maneuverability of a kei car with the smooth and powerful acceleration of an EV. Not only that, Mitsubishi claims it will offer high-quality ride comfort, as well as advanced driver assistance systems and connectivity.

If we take a look at how Mitsubishi described its upcoming mini EV last year, it seems to point towards the K-EV Concept, albeit not mentioned directly. Whatever the case is, the new EV concept seems to be a promising vehicle indeed.

This EV concept looks like a mini Mitsubishi Xpander image

Despite its small size, Mitsubishi made sure the vehicle looked sleek and cool. Borrowing design cues from the eK X, it looks like a shrunken Xpander with a bolder-looking exterior. It has a two-tone color scheme, with a solid matte blue body and a copper-colored roof that is reminiscent of a motor winding of an EV. The front bumper, side body, and tailgate feature X-shaped logos which symbolize the combination of a tall kei wagon, SUV-like appearance, and zero-emissions mobility.

Mitsubishi did not reveal its exact specifications. But based on looks alone, it is a kei car-sized vehicle. In addition, it could have a 20 kWh battery pack that powers a tiny electric motor which is enough to give it power and range within city limits.

Since this is still a concept vehicle, the production version will come out at a much later date. But before that, Nissan might also reveal a concept version of this since the tiny EV will be a joint venture between the two automakers.

Despite kei cars being only available in Japan, we cannot help but wonder how these cars would make so much sense in the Philippines. With their compact size and small footprint, they’re the perfect vehicle to get around in the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila and other nearby metropolises.