Production of much-awaited 4x4 to start in April

A lot of 4x4 enthusiasts have been waiting for the 5-door Jimny to go on sale since it was launched earlier this year. And fortunately for some, specifically those living in India, the waiting time is almost over.

Jimny 5 Door production April image

According to Autocar India, Maruti Suzuki is set to start production of its mini off-roader this April. The manufacturer is aiming to build around 100,000 units a year, of which 66% of those will be for domestic consumption. The other 34% will apparently be earmarked for exports. And yes, the Philippines will be included in that percentage.

In such a short period of time, however, Maruti Suzuki is already facing an over 18,000-unit order book for the Indian market, and the manufacturer is likely to satisfy those before opening the order books for export markets.

Jimny 5 Door production April image

But provided the manufacturer does not run into issues with production, Suzuki Philippines could very well be on track with launching the 5-door Jimny in Q1 2024. Once it gets here, Suzuki 4x4 fans can enjoy the added length and extra luggage space with the 5-door Jimny, while remaining to have a small footprint since it's still under 4 meters long.

Suzuki Philippines will be selling the 5-door Jimny alongside the 3-door Jimny while sourcing both from different countries.