With the qualifying rounds completed, the AutoIndustriya.com Gran Turismo 5 Challenge immediately proceeded to the tournament, pitting the top 4 from each day in a head to head challenge.

The rules were simple. Participants are to race head to head, with one competitor setting the lap time while the other tries to beat it and knock out one another. Finalists were given 2 laps, both of which are already flying laps, and continues in this format until only one remains.

However, race organizers instituted several twists to spice up the competition. The top 4 from each day were randomly sorted to match up with each other. A coin toss would determine two things. The winner will determine what car they will be competing with (either the Lexus ISF, Chevrolet Camaro SS or the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG) while the other will choose whether to set a lap time first or to race against the opponent's “ghost lap”. To equalize the competitors even further, the race track was determined by random, with a non-competing player drawing the circuit from a box.

To prevent players from taking advantage of tracks with corners that can be cut (i.e. non-street circuits like Tsukuba) and results in a red lap time, a ten second penalty will be applied to that lap. Further more, any player that chooses to change the prescribe point-of-view (in-car) will also incur a 5-second penalty added to each lap.

With the rules set and the competitors briefed, the top 16 were divided into two tiers, with Day 1 finalists competing against Day 4 finalists and Day 2 finalists up against Day 3 finalists.

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Tier 1 started the action as Daryl Brady faced off against Patrick Alonzo on the Eiger Nordwand Circuit. Brady managed to edge out Alonzo with a 1:17.247 lap time versus the Alonso's 1:17.477, the most neck-and-neck result of the tournament.

The 3rd placer from Day 4, Alvin Chan, was unable to make it, so Aurick Go was given a bye run and advanced to the Round of 8.

Vern Tintoc then raced against Shane Jaducana on the London Reverse Circuit. Tintoc finished with a 3 second margin with a 59.506 second lap time versus Jaducana's 1:02.352.

Rio Halili had a challenging time, as he was pitted against Day 4's top finisher, pro racer Enzo Pastor. It was a close race, but in the end, Enzo Pastor was able to cross the line with a 1:39.760 versus Halili's 1:40.698 on the Nurburgring GP/D circuit.

Over in Tier 2, Day 2's winner, Terence Lallave was matched up with Aristotle Dela Cruz on the London Circuit. Lallave turned in a clean lap at 58.145 seconds which was good enough to beat Dela Cruz's lap time by a significant margin.

Sammy Mohamed was supposed to face off with Gether Quintos, but Mohamed was unable to make it and thus Quintos was given a bye run and advanced into the Round of 8.

Young Jan Lacuna was then set to have a battle with Jonathan Chua to take place at the Rome Circuit. The youngster convincingly defeated Chua with a 1:27.126 lap time.

Joel Erickson Urbi was up next against Day 4's top finisher Jacob Salazar on the Rome Reverse circuit. Urbi finished with a time of 1:20.445 which was good enough to defeat Salazar.


Starting off the round of 8 is Tier 1, with Daryl Brady facing off against Aurick Go in a rematch from Day 1's top two finishers. The race was neck and neck all through out with Aurick Go racing against Brady's ghost lap of 1:59.536 in the Lexus ISF. In the end, Go outdragged Brady on the home stretch of Tokyo R246 Reverse, beating him with a 1:58.445 lap time.

It was once again Vern Tintoc's turn to take the wheel, this time against Enzo Pastor on the Monaco Grand Prix Circuit (Cote d' Azur) in the Camaro SS. After just 1 lap, Pastor defeated Tintoc's 1:56.561 with his own time of 1:54.868.

In Tier 2, Terence Lallave was slated to compete against Gether Quintos on the Madrid Street Circuit. Lallave was out to set the first lap time, and turned in a quick one at 1:34.325. Quintos made a mistake early on by entering the pit lane, and on the second lap he hit the wall hard enough to turn the time red, handing the victory to Lallave.

Jan Lacuna then proceeded to race against Joel Urbi, on Special Stage Route 5. Lacuna edged out a victory over Urbi with a calm, clean lap at 1:39.994 while Urbi made a mistake and hit the wall, turning the lap time red, along with a 10 second penalty.

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In Tier 1, simulation racing enthusiast Aurick Go was slated to race against pro driver Enzo Pastor. After the draw, it was determined that they will be driving the ISF on Deep Forest Raceway. Go turned in a time of 1:25.980. Pastor had trouble early on, trailing Go's ghost all through out. In the end, Aurick Go's time stood up against Pastor's 1:28.758.

In Tier 2, Terence Lallave faced off against Jan Lacuna on the long Suzuka Circuit. Lacuna's mistake handed Lallave the win, and the latter advanced onto the final round.


Enzo Pastor and Jan Lacuna have been eliminated from the Final round, but the two still had to race against each other to determine who takes 3rd place in the AI GT5 Challenge. Over at the Nurburgring GP/F circuit, Jan Lacuna's calm driving style was enough to defeat Enzo Pastor's time and take 3rd place.


In a classic championship bout, Aurick Go (2nd place, Day 1) was set to face Terence Lallave (1st place, Day 2) on the long, full Cape Ring Circuit. Choosing the Lexus ISF, Lallave set a lap time of 2:56.689, a quick one to beat on the Cape Ring Circuit. Aurick Go was able to keep pace, but in the end, his 3:00.052 lap time wasn't quick enough, crowning Terence Lallave as the Champion of AutoIndustriya's first Gran Turismo 5 Challenge.


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Champion Terrence Lallave received 4-liters of Multi-Standard 5W40 engine oil and a special edition Super GT poster from Motul, a gift pack from Mothers, and a gift certificate from Remixx; Second-placer Aurick Go received 4-liters of H-tech 100 plus 5w30, a gift pack from Mothers, and a gift certificate from Remixx; Third-placer Jan Lacuna receives 4-liters of Multipower 15W50 engine oil and a special edition Super GT poster from Motul, a gift pack from Mothers, and a gift certificate from Remixx.

The AutoIndustriya.com Gran Turismo 5 Challenge was supported by Sony Philippines, The Covenant Car Company (Chevrolet), Lexus Manila, CATS Motors (Mercedes-Benz), Remixx Clothing, Motul, Mothers, Recaro, Techindustriya.com, and the Manila Auto Salon.

See you at the next edition of the AutoIndustriya.com GT5 Challenge!