Toyota Camry to be axed in Japan by the end of 2023 but will live on in other markets

After 43 years, Toyota's popular midsize sedan will be discontinued in its home market in Japan. That's right, the Camry, which was launched way back in 1980 in The Land of The Rising Sun, is set to be axed at Japanese dealerships.

According to a report by Asia Nikkei, the automaker has notified dealers in Japan that they will cease making the Camry for domestic customers at the end of 2023. Sales in Japan will stop in phases, as Toyota will no longer accept most new orders from interested customers.

Toyota Camry dead in Japan by end of 2023 image

With Toyota set to stop offering the Camry in Japan, does this mean the midsize sedan is also set to be discontinued elsewhere? Fortunately, that will not be the case as Toyota also confirmed that production will continue for export markets.

In fact, the Camry is still being sold in over 100 countries worldwide and is still one of the brand's most popular nameplates globally. In addition, the US remains the Camry's most popular market, accounting for 13 million vehicle sales since it first arrived in the country back in 1982.

In other markets like Southeast Asia and China, the Camry is still viewed by many as an aspirational vehicle due to its heritage, executive looks, and luxurious amenities. It's also favored by many due to its roominess and reliability for which Toyota also became famous.

Toyota Camry dead in Japan by end of 2023 image

In the Philippines, the Camry remains a regular sight on the road despite the growing popularity of crossover SUVs, MPVs, and pickup trucks. Now on its 8th generation, the midsize sedan received its first update in late 2021 and it is now offered only as a hybrid.

The midsize sedan market may not be as popular as before, but the fact that the Camry is still one of the brand's most notable vehicles is proof of its longevity. It may not be long for the Japanese market, but we can still expect the Camry to be offered by Toyota for the foreseeable future.