The Toyota Century SUV could also be available as a droptop

Yesterday, Toyota wowed everyone when they unveiled the Century SUV. Set to go on sale alongside the traditional sedan version, the high-riding luxury vehicle has a distinct exterior design while still featuring the signature Japanese opulence. Instead of a V8 under the hood, the new Century SUV will be powered by a 3.5-liter plug-in hybrid V6 that they claim will deliver a smooth and powerful performance while also emitting fewer carbon emissions.

But if you think Toyota is done surprising the public, they're not. During the reveal of the Century SUV yesterday, the automaker showed a teaser of another version of the luxury SUV. But this one has no roof. That's right, it looks like the automaker is looking to make a convertible version of the Century SUV.

According to Simon Humphries, Toyota's Chief Branding Officer, “The possibilities are endless and open to discussion”. This simply meant that the special few who would be able to afford the Century SUV could customize the vehicle in various ways, including chopping off the roof to make it a droptop. Hopefully, though, Toyota will put in a folding fabric roof for the convertible version as there seemed to be none in the teaser image they showed.

Toyota just teased a Century SUV Convertible image

However, this will not be the first time Toyota has made a Century convertible. Back in 2019, the droptop Century made its official debut during the coronation of Emperor Naruhito. While it's not exactly a production model available to customers, Toyota was commissioned to build a special convertible that has a folding retractable roof and unique rear seats that are higher than standard which allows onlookers to see the Emperor as the vehicle passed by.

With Toyota seemingly serious about selling a droptop convertible version of the all-new Century SUV, there will be more ways for the lucky customers who will be able to purchase one to customize their vehicles as they see fit. Perhaps the only question now is will we actually see the vehicle in the metal?