A few months back, we brought you news about the Toyota Agya, a small, subcompact hatchback that would serve as the company's entry level model to slot in under the Vios.

Toyota Motor Philippines, however, will not be retaining the 'Agya' name that is used in the Indonesian market where it is sold, along with a rebadged version under Daihatsu as the Ayla.

According to our source, it appears Toyota Philippines may have taken inspiration from the smaller Aygo, a 3-door/5-door hatchback sold in European markets as the Agya will be renamed as the Toyota Wigo.

The Agya/Ayla/Wigo will be manufactured in the Daihatsu plant Indonesia and will reportedly debut in the Philippines by March 2014; three months after the initial report that it will arrive by December 2013.

Do you think the little Toyota Wigo will become a hit in the market? Let us know below.