2022 Celerio is the latest Suzuki model in PH to use AGS

If there was one question that lingered in our minds when Suzuki Philippines (SPH) officially launched the all-new Celerio, it was the choice of transmission for the top-spec variant. Sure there's the good ol' 5-speed manual for those who prefer to row on their own, but the range-topping variant no longer has a CVT.

Instead, it now comes with Suzuki's innovative Auto Gear Shift (AGS). It's an automated-manual transmission (AMT) that combines the properties of a stick-shift gearbox and a self-shifting transmission. This means the clutch is electronically-controlled when changing gears, negating the need for a clutch pedal.

But why did Suzuki opt for AGS instead of carrying over the CVT for the brand new Celerio? We asked Kennedy Adia, Assistant Manager at SPH why it now comes with the automated-manual transmission.

According to Adia, the shift from CVT to AGS is part of the company's trust in the AGS system. With the Dzire the first Suzuki to popularize AMT in the Philippines, Suzuki wants to make it available to more models – hence the 2022 Celerio going the AGS route.

Moreover, Adia mentioned that, unlike the CVT, the AGS has the responsiveness of a traditional manual transmission and the convenience of an automatic gearbox. And should drivers wish to treat it like a manual, it even comes with a manumatic function. There's also the fact that the new Celerio is now sourced from India instead of Thailand which still produces and sells the outgoing generation.

With the Celerio now serving as the latest model to come with AGS, will it actually become a popular choice among buyers? And will it be able to outsell or match the sales performance of the Dzire despite its more premium price? Let us know in the comments.