Baojun reveals boxy EV called "Yep"

Remember when Baojun teased a cute and boxy 4x4 concept that appears to have been inspired by the Suzuki Jimny? Well, after teasing the idea last year, the Chinese automaker has revealed its exterior design in full.

Say hello to the Baojun Yep, and yes that is its official name. It's set to make its public debut at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show and combines a boxy and funky look that is paired with a zero-emissions powertrain.

Yep, Baojun has a Jimny-sized EV fighter image

For now, Baojun has only revealed exterior pictures of its latest production EV. But we're not particularly disappointed since the vehicle itself is eye-catching. It has the proportions of an off-roader thanks to its generous ground clearance, bold fender flares, black-painted bumpers, and integrated skid plates. It also has an unmistakable set of LED headlights and taillights, functional roof rails, stylish alloy wheels, and a unique tailgate.

Size-wise, the EV measures 3381mm long, 1685mm wide, and 1721mm tall. Compared to the 3-Door Jimny we currently get, the Baojun Yep is 269mm shorter, 40mm narrower, and 4mm shorter in height.

Yep, Baojun has a Jimny-sized EV fighter image

Official details about its electric powertrain are not yet available. But based on government documents per the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Technology, the entry-level version will have a single electric motor that powers the rear axle. It will reportedly put out 68 PS with 140 Nm of torque and will allow the Yep to reach a top speed of 100 km/h.

There will also be a dual-motor AWD version that will make more power and torque compared to the single-motor variant. No figures are available yet but it will supposedly give the Yep better off-road capability, as well as faster acceleration. When it comes to range, the Baojun EV will be capable of covering around 303 km based on the CLTC cycle.

Yep, Baojun has a Jimny-sized EV fighter image

With the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show set to kick off in April, we will find out more about this Jimny-sized EV fighter in the coming months. And with Suzuki announcing that they will in fact make an electric Jimny, we certainly cannot wait for these two to go head-to-head.