Next-generation BMW M2 has been leaked prior to its debut this October

If there's one M vehicle from BMW that is making enthusiasts excited, it's the next-generation M2. Teased as early as April 2022, it will be the first-ever M car manufactured in Mexico. Moreover, it will be available with either a 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic transmission and will have features derived from its more powerful siblings, the M3 and M4.

We've already seen a leaked (rear) image of what could be the all-new M2 back in June 2022 via an Instagram post. There was also another teaser image released by BMW a few weeks ago showing the next-generation high-performance coupe draped in a light camo livery.

LEAKED: All-new BMW M2 will not have overly-large kidney grilles image

But what we really want to see is the new-generation BMW M2 with no disguise whatsoever. Fortunately, it looks like someone from the Bimmerpost forum has acquired new pictures of the all-new M2 without any camouflage livery.

Based on the pictures (which have already been deleted from the original post), the all-new M2 will not have a big snout like the M3 and M4. Instead, BMW appears to have given it a more modest grille. While some might say it looks just like a regular 2 Series Coupe, the M2's grille design appears to be more rectangular instead of round and has a different finish.

LEAKED: All-new BMW M2 will not have overly-large kidney grilles image

It also gets a unique pair of LED headlights that appear to have a different set of LED daytime running lights. This might have been done deliberately in order to differentiate it from the standard 2 Series Coupe. Around the back, the LED taillights look similar to the ones found in a regular 2 Series. However, the M2 does come with huge quad exhausts along with a specially-designed rear bumper.

With its official launch set for October, BMW's plan to surprise everyone may have been dampened. Still, we won't be surprised if M fans and BMW enthusiasts alike are still eagerly waiting for its big reveal. Let's just hope that the car we saw today will have the same design as the official press photos.