Nissan just built a drop-top EV concept called the Max-Out

We already saw Nissan reveal an electric pick-up truck concept called the Surf-Out. While the company did not exactly say there will be a production version coming, it does give us an idea that Nissan is looking to make EVs in various body styles.

With Nissan looking to reveal 23 electrified models by 2030 (15 of which will be electric vehicles), there are plenty of cars that the company could make. One of which is a sports car convertible that Nissan actually made a concept of.

Nissan Max-Out concept image

This is the Max-Out concept, and it looks sleek and suave. Billed by Nissan as “a convertible that surpasses the conventions of driving excitement”, the Max-Out is the company's take on a zero-emissions droptop.

Starting with its looks, the Max-Out's sleek shape gives it an aerodynamic look. The curvaceous shape of its body, combined with the flat front and rear fascias make the Max-Out a standout (pun not intended). Then there's the unique taillight design that appears to be made up of hundreds of LEDs that give the car its more stylish appearance. Last but not least, it gets a distinct set of alloy wheels that remind us of the ones seen in the sci-fi Disney movie 'Tron'.

Nissan Max-Out concept image

With no engine up front, Nissan was able to put the front wheels as far forward as they can. The same story goes for the rear wheels which are also placed as far back as there are fewer components present in the EV. Combined with its aerodynamic shape, the Max-Out can grip the road better which translates to better handling.

Details about the Max-Out's electric powertrain are still scarce. What we do know is that it benefits from all-wheel-drive thanks to a dual-motor setup. Thanks to this, Nissan claims the Max-Out can deliver superb stability, comfort, cornering, and steering response, while also limiting body roll. The result is creating a feeling of “oneness” with the car for both the driver and passenger.

Nissan Max-Out concept image

Like the Surf-Out concept, Nissan is not yet saying anything about whether a production model of the Max-Out will be made. But given that they have plenty of a total of 23 electrified models to be launched by 2030, perhaps Nissan is cooking up a surprise. We sure do hope Nissan actually makes an electric convertible or something along the lines of an electric sports car in the near future.