Volkswagen drops latest teaser of the next-gen Amarok before its launch next month

If there's one pick-up truck we wish would already make its debut, it's the next-generation Amarok. Teased by Volkswagen repeatedly since 2021, the automaker has been pretty generous with the design renders and teaser images. The company even released images of a camouflaged prototype, as well as a glimpse of the pick-up's innovative LED matrix headlights.

What we really want to see, however, is the entire truck itself. But it seems Volkswagen is not yet ready to actually show it in its entirety, so we still get a (new) teaser video that reveals a few more details about the next-generation Amarok.

All-new Ranger-based VW Amarok to debut July 7, 2022 image

Thanks to the short video Volkswagen posted on Twitter, we now know that the 2023 Amarok will have a stamped tailgate that brandishes the 'Amarok' name for all to see. It even gets a huge 'VW' logo to remind everyone that this is indeed a Volkswagen. But perhaps the most important thing we saw with the tailgate is the 'V6' badge placed on the bottom left.

While Volkswagen already confirmed earlier this year that the Amarok will indeed get a twin-turbo diesel, this is the first time they actually showed an image of the truck that comes with the V6 powerplant. No output figures have been revealed just yet which means we cannot confirm for now if this is related to Ford's twin-turbo V6 diesel or if it's a TDI V6 made by VW themselves.

All-new Ranger-based VW Amarok to debut July 7, 2022 image

What also surprised us was the Amarok's increased towing capacity. Unlike the outgoing generation which can only tow 1,200kg, the 2023 Amarok can pull 3,500 kg which is a massive upgrade. With Volkswagen's latest pick-up truck now based on the all-new Ford Ranger, it's not entirely shocking that the Amarok can pull more load.

Want to know more about the all-new Volkswagen Amarok? The automaker will be holding its official launch on July 7, 2022. With just one month to go, we're excited to see what the pick-up will look once the covers are off. We're also keeping our fingers crossed that Volkswagen hasn't changed its mind about bringing it to the Philippines sometime next year.