ESB reveals Land Rover Defender-inspired body kit for the Honda N-Van

If there's one thing Japanese tuning shops love to do, it's to make regular run-of-the-mill vehicles look like something else entirely. Just take a look at the Suzuki Jimny which has been transformed into a mini Defender as well as a pint-sized G-Class by DAMD, Liberty Walk, and Wald.

For another tuning shop by the name of ESB Style, their latest creation sees them turning the humble Honda N-Van into the Dafunder. That's right, the Kei car's face has been transformed to look just like the Land Rover Defender.

This Honda N-Van thinks it's a Land Rover Defender image

It comes with a redesigned body kit that gives the N-Van a new front bumper and grille, as well as intakes that closely resemble the looks of the Land Rover SUV. Since the headlights already look like the ones on the Defender, ESB Style retained them in order for the Dafunder to look the part even further. It even comes with a “Dafunder” lettering on the hood that's stylized in the same font as the Land Rover.

Aside from giving it a new face, the tuner also gave it a suspension lift kit which raised its ground clearance by 25mm. A new set of 14-inch steel wheels finished in white and wrapped in all-terrain tires further give the modified N-Van a more purposeful look. Rounding up the exterior changes on the Dafunder is a faux aluminum skid plate at the back and the vertically mounted LED taillights with special cover panels that make them look thinner.

This Honda N-Van thinks it's a Land Rover Defender image

No changes were made under the hood as this dressed-up N-Van still comes with a 0.6-liter (660cc) three-cylinder engine that can produce up to 64 PS with a turbo. Power is then transferred to the front wheels (or all four wheels) via a CVT.

The entire kit by ESB Style will not come cheap. The front bumper costs JPY 70,000 or around PHP 28,617 while the rear bumper will set you back JPY 30,000 or PHP 12,264. The taillight covers are priced at JPY 25,000 or PHP 10,219, the suspension lift kit retails for JPY 38,000 or PHP 15,531, and the 14-inch steel wheels will set you back JPY 56,000 or PHP 22,889.

This Honda N-Van thinks it's a Land Rover Defender image

All in all, the Dafunder kit will cost you JPY 219,000 or around PHP 89,515.

Do you like the Defender-inspired looks of the Dafunder N-Van? Let us know in the comments what you think about this unique creation by ESB Style.